If a garage door spring becomes dislodged or fails it can shoot across your garage and cause injury or even death. Call a professional if you suspect you are having issue with your garage door spring. Let us save your life with a free estimate, call 866-994-9901

Replacing garage door springs is no easy task and will require not only experience but the appropriate tools; to first understand the importance of contacting professionals to repair and replace your garage door spring, you need to understand how complex the process is.

Garage doors have a rotation spring lift mechanism that generally has two forcefully twisted up springs and drums at every end; it is entirely suspended on a header wall above the garage door. To replace a broken spring, you must first determine that it is, in fact, broken; springs normally expand 1 – 2 inches and recognizing a broken spring would be simple even for the untrained eye.

After identifying the broken spring, we must unplug the operator in case someone opens the door while we work; there are several battery-operated garage doors as back-up, it is vital to turn off the battery operator as well. The most important step is to unwind the broken spring, and it takes very specific whiting bars and serious upper body strength to turn the heavy springs thirty times to unwind them. The cable drums must also be removed from both ends; afterwards, both springs and drums must be re-winded tightly.

Supposing you have the appropriate tools and have decided to learn a new skill to be self-sufficient, repairing and replacing garage door springs is not a safe hobby; that is why at Hometown Garage Door we have certified technicians to do it for you.

The dangers of replacing a garage door spring are mostly due to the outdated mechanisms of the actual door; many clients cannot recognize the difference between models and old garage doors do not have safety cables to keep the spring in place. This lets loose springs that are strong enough to go through walls, scratch and damage cars and injure anyone.

It might be tempting after watching a YouTube tutorial, to try and repair the garage door yourself; but severe injuries can happen if this is not done with the tools, expertise, and strength necessary. Clients have tried to DYI their way in and ended up hurting themselves or their property. We highly encourage you to call a professional, it is cheaper to call Hometown Garage Door than going to an emergency room. We take pride in making your life easier!