Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Repair and Parts

Are you looking for a Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Repairs, Parts, or looking to purchase a new one? Hometown Garage Door can service, repair, install, or replace your current model with a new one, including the new MyQ Garage door openers with built-in video.


Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation and Garage Door Repair

Hometown Garage Door is experienced with both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. Inside and out we have your garage door needs covered with parts already stocked for most makes and models.

What Chamberlain Products Do We Service?

Hometown Garage Door has been servicing Chamberlain products and the Liftmaster family of products since we began business years ago. Chamberlain products are generally reviewed very well and we suggest many of their products due to their long lifespan, reliability, and cost. Below is a list of just a few models that we install and repair along with some reviews and videos answering common questions.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers
A Few of the Models We Service.

Chamberlain Model B1381

Chamberlain Model B500

Chamberlain Model B503

Chamberlain Model B510

Chamberlain Model B550

Chamberlain Model B730

Chamberlain Model B750

Chamberlain Model B970

Chamberlain Model C203

Chamberlain Model C400

Chamberlain Model C410

Chamberlain Model C450

Chamberlain Model C870

Chamberlain Model CG40

Chamberlain Model CG40CD

Chamberlain Model HD200D

Chamberlain Model HD210


Chamberlain Model HD420EV

Chamberlain Model HD750WF

Chamberlain Model HD900D

Chamberlain Model HD920EV

Chamberlain Model HD950WF

Chamberlain Model LW2200

Chamberlain Model LW3000

Chamberlain Model LW9000WF

Chamberlain Model PD210

Chamberlain Model PD210D

Chamberlain Model PD212

Chamberlain Model PD212D

Chamberlain Model PD220

Chamberlain Model RJO20

Chamberlain Model WD1000WF

Chamberlain Model WD822KD

Chamberlain Model WD962KD

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Information and Troubleshooting

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Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Repair and Parts

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    What Model or Make of Opener Should I Buy?

    Honestly, to answer that question we need to ask you a few as well. Are you looking for fast, quiet, smart options, longevity, price, and/or look? Give us a call and let us know what your most important factors are and we will suggest the perfect opener that ticks every box.

    NEVER replace a garage door spring yourself

    We get it, you are a handyman or handywoman at home and try to fix your issues yourself to save as much as possible. That is awesome, keep it up. However, be aware that the tension on garage door springs is so high that you could easily lose a limb, get severely injured, or even die. Garage door springs are no joke, with a free onsite estimate you have no excuse in trying to manage this type of repair yourself without professional help.

    What Brand Should I Purchase

    Sometimes being brand loyal can cause us to continue to deal with the same problems or enjoy the same reliability that we have experienced in the past. We work on multiple garage door makes and models everyday so we know what models are the lemons and which ones punch way above their weight. We can’t give you the perfect brand and model until you call as it can change from year to year.

    Better, Quieter, Faster Systems

    Garage door openers, track and roller systems, and doors are getting better everyday. If you are tired of that loud garage door you have now, it may be time for an upgrade. Let us know what you are looking for and we will recommend the best system for you.

    Smart Features

    The newest garage door systems now have smart functions and apps that make your garage experience that much better. We can help you integrate an app for opening your door or other smart features.

    Free On-Site Estimates for All Online Inquiries.

    You heard us right! We want you to have the garage door you want, working the way you want it, risk free. We provide same day service, no extra charge on the weekends, and a free onsite estimate.